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The Vibration Awareness Roadshow – coming soon to a venue near you

Developing best practice in vibration management

Live operational data has revealed alarming differences between ESTIMATED vibration exposure (using ‘assumed value’ principle) and ACTUAL vibration exposure (measured by compliant, on-tool vibration monitor). So to raise awareness of the serious flaws in outdated ‘assumed value’ risk assessment methodologies, Curotec’s Vibration Awareness Roadshow will be touring the UK throughout 2019.


To reserve your FREE place, send your contact details to roadshow@curotec.uk.com



The vibration revolution – don’t estimate. MEASURE!

For the past two decades, vibration risk assessments have relied on estimated vibration values supplied by third-party databases or power-tool manufacturers. Yet as HSE is keen to point out, “some data may underestimate workplace vibration levels substantially” – which means that standard risk assessments can produce wildly inaccurate estimates of worker exposure. And that’s precisely what Q2 users have been discovering.


Real-time vibration measurement

The technology now exists to ACCURATELY MEASURE every worker’s exposure to Hand-Arm and Whole Body Vibration for every second of every shift. So we’re challenging employers and health & safety professionals to test their existing methodology against this new technology.


The live vibration challenge

At each roadshow event, we’ll be inviting employers to bring along their most commonly used power-tools so they can take part in a live vibration test.


Step 1 – the live test

Come along to the event and present you power-tools to the Curotec engineers. We’ll install a Q2 real-time vibration monitor onto each tool, then run a controlled vibration test.


Step 2 – the results

We’ll show you the estimated Exposure Points accumulated, based on your existing risk assessment method. And we’ll show you the actual Exposure Points accumulated, based on real-time vibration measurement.


Step 3 – the reaction

You look at the test results then dash off to review your vibration risk control policies.


Reserve your place

To reserve your FREE place, email your contact details to roadshow@curotec.uk.com – please include your company name, phone number and preferred region (South East, South West, Midlands, North, North East, Wales, Scotland).


We look forward to seeing you!

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