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Curotec sets new standards in workplace vibration management

Game-changing technology from Curotec makes continual monitoring of workplace vibration a practical reality – giving employers a powerful new tool for managing the risk of Hand-Arm and Whole Body Vibration.


Since the Control of Vibration at Work Regulations came into effect in 2005, employers have faced over 10,000 claims for Vibration White Finger and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – the result of a failure to adequately assess workers’ vibration risk. And despite the availability of numerous devices for monitoring vibration exposure, hundreds of new claims flood in every year.


That’s really no surprise, because until now, none of these ‘solutions’ has been capable of measuring actual vibration emissions. But Curotec’s new Q2 system represents a step-change in functionality and performance, giving employers the ability to measure their workers’ daily exposure with remarkable accuracy.


Mike Jones, Curotec’s founder, says, “The Q2 is the only compliant personal vibration monitor that measures actual vibration emissions in real time, so it can alert operators and their supervisors when they’re approaching their daily exposure limit.”


Real-time measurement and reporting of vibration exposure gives employers total transparency of individual workers’ risk. And by instantly assessing the impact of their risk-reduction actions, employers can adopt an informed, evidence-based approach to vibration management.


Jones says, “The Q2 gives employers the ability to reduce their workers’ vibration exposure to ‘as low as reasonably practical’ – a fundamental legal requirement.”


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