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Continual vibration monitoring promotes strict legal compliance and supplies the data to prove it.

Hand-Arm Vibration: latest legal advice suggests continual, real-time monitoring provides protection for employers and employees – and the Q2 offers a practical, cost-effective solution.



Employers striving to protect their workers and comply with the law can be left confused by workplace vibration guidelines. HSE have stated that continual monitoring is appropriate only for workers who, “following medical advice, have restrictions placed on their vibration exposure”. Yet the law is very clear that ALL workers enjoy such protection – it’s called the Exposure Limit Value.


To bring clarity to the issue of continual monitoring, Curotec sought counsel from leading law firm Shoosmiths, and their advice is quite straightforward: “We believe the benefits of such monitoring are two-fold. It will feed into the evidence to be assessed when conducting an appropriate risk assessment. In addition, it should provide objective data to demonstrate the extent of dosage that an employee has been exposed to.”


Mike Jones, Curotec’s founder, says, “By continually monitoring vibration, Q2 warns operators before they reach HAV and Whole Body Vibration exposure limits, and provides a precise record of individual vibration dose.”


According to Shoosmiths, this could prove crucial in defending HAVS compensation claims: “In our view the ability to record and save data detailing the extent of vibration an employee has been exposed to, would be a significant advantage in defending such claims.”

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