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Informative article about Hand-Arm Vibration Management in IP&E Mag…   The Q2 from Curotec represents the state of the art in workplace vibration management – it is the only compliant personal vibration monitor that measures actual vibration emissions.   Until now, vibration risk assessments have chiefly relied on static estimates of worker exposure. But because vibration emissions fluctuate with tool condition, work-piece and operator behaviour, database values can be...

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Good piece in Health & Safety Matters on the benefits of MEASURING Hand-Arm Vibration.   In a nutshell, “because vibration emissions fluctuate with tool condition, work-piece and operator behaviour, database values can be wholly unreliable.”   Given that the tech now exists to accurately measure vibration emissions on-the-tool in real time, there’s really no excuse for continuing to perform risk assessments based on ‘assumed values’ and trigger-time guesstimates....

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Interesting article in Energy Voice Magazine - highlighting sharp rise in the number of HSE non-compliance issues in offshore oil & gas and wind farms.   And the most common cause of non-compliance? “Musculoskeletal conditions, such as hand-arm vibration syndrome.”   Sure, offshore is a tough workplace, and the energy industry should be congratulated for immense efforts to maintain a safe working environment. But when you’re facing multiple threats...

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Curotec will be well represented at next week’s UK Conference hosted by HSE and Stihl. We’re particularly keen to discover new insights into the effects of Whole Body Vibration (WBV). We all know how debilitating Vibration White Finger can be, but there’s a growing bank of research that highlights the dangers of WBV.   Although HSE have published clear guidance on the control of Whole Body Vibration, many...

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For anyone who thinks Whole Body Vibration (WBV) just causes back pain, this piece in Rail Professional magazine highlights the full extent of potential symptoms – including brain injury, cardiovascular conditions, spinal trauma and reproductive organ damage.   Now here’s the thing – the law is very clear on employers’ duties around safeguarding their people from WBV. Yet because (historically) it’s been difficult to monitor, most employers...

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